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We Host the DR. DISH CT+

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Take your basketball training to the next level with the CT+, equipped with a massive and high-speed 21.5″ touchscreen. This cutting-edge device enables you to effortlessly create customized drills, engage in multiplayer competitions, and track your real-time statistics, witnessing progress with every repetition. The CT+ stands as the ultimate tool for enhancing performance, providing an unparalleled interactive experience that empowers athletes to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, this state-of-the-art device revolutionizes training methods by combining innovation and technology seamlessly.

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Dr. Dish Enhanced Stats

See Progress and Chart Improvement Features

Elevate your basketball training game analysis to new heights with the latest edition of our advanced statistical features on all Dr. Dish machines equipped with stat-saving capabilities. Gain valuable insights into your performance by accessing comprehensive statistics that span any period of time throughout your career, allowing you to focus and optimize your training endeavors. Experience the transformative impact of training with Dr. Dish as you effortlessly track and analyze your personal statistics.

View Your Stats Right on the Machine

One of the major enhancements in this latest version is the incorporation of a feature that allows users to conveniently access their complete shooting data directly on the device. There’s no longer any need to retrieve your phone or computer in order to monitor your progress over time. Once you have completed your training session, simply tap on the newly introduced statistics section to instantly view an interactive heatmap tailored specifically for you.

See Progression with Interactive Bar Graphs

Within your statistics, you will now have access to an interactive bar graph that allows you to assess your current trajectory in terms of successful shots, attempted shots, and overall field goal percentages. This valuable tool provides players, parents, or coaches with the necessary data to track progress over time. By selecting specific areas on the court such as twos-pointers, three-pointers, and/or free throw spots, one can delve into detailed statistics and identify areas of strength as well as areas requiring further attention.

Dive Deep into a Specific Location with Custom Heatmaps

The vibrant and eye-catching heatmap displayed on the screen cannot be overlooked. By simply tapping on the heatmap, users have the option to filter statistical data based on a particular location or time period. This valuable feature allows players to gain a clearer understanding of areas that require improvement and allows them to focus their practice accordingly. The ability for players to delve deeper into their shooting performance in specific locations is highly favored by the Dr. Dish Team. It serves as an efficient method of providing players with actionable insights, enabling them to take immediate steps towards enhancing their skills and performance.

Use Custom Date Filters to See Progress over Different Time Frames

Introducing our latest feature: statistic timeframe filters for both the present day and all-time records. This valuable tool allows players to assess their performance at any given moment or measure their overall progress. Particularly advantageous for those seeking targeted enhancements within a specific period, these filters provide insights into not only today’s achievements but also an encompassing overview of player statistics since utilizing Dr. Dish. With this comprehensive reporting, users can obtain a comprehensive snapshot of how they have fared over time with our innovative basketball training equipment.

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